Monday, April 30, 2012

A word on Life Purpose

Be You, Be True, Be Strong, So many people are looking for it: Big Life Purpose. Becoming YOU is your purpose. You are the very purpose of your existence. Realizing what lights your and floats your boat – that’s your life purpose. What else could it be? If it gives you true joy(not the seemingly happy high that is fleeting, but the reliable, always-there kind of satisfaction) to rock that guitar, to make people laugh, to discover the world, to make things a little more beautiful wherever you go, to feed, to stir it up, to clean it up, to excute the plan, to bank the cash, to be a compassionate citizen, to explore nonstop, or purely to seek pleasure … then, that’s your life purpose! Your life purpose is what you say it is. Who could tell you otherwise?

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