Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rambling: Ode to Julie & Julia

So I'll probably do this again .... or not. But still I'll do it and write it too. Yesterday was one of those finely awkward days- it all started sweet, easy and inspiring - till almost close of work hours when boss became all fussy and cold. Well, nobody knew why so hush hush life goes on. Good. All's almost fine now, I'll reply some mails, do more instagram (enough to save my social media for the day), check those weird comments on Facebook and finally skip through some movies e.g my recently downloaded movie - Julie & Julia ft two of my top favourite actors(gist for another time) I tried skipping through Julie & Julia like any other evening movie I try to watch on my laptop but ended up returning to the start only to watch from the beginning. Do I hear you ask how it is - the movie I mean? To say it was a swell time would be an understatement. Oh, it was few minutes of insightful memories into the lives of two beautifully married women but the focus in the movie ofcourse is Food! Not just food but 'the act of cooking'! It was thrilling seeing all kinds of menu being prepared. It made me want to eat all, as well indulge a new desire - cooking, fine cooking. So I tried. Though I left the office a bit late - 9:05pm I still cooked something. Something I thought right on, it however turned out to be something I've always wanted to re- do - butter boiled carrots with brown rice. I'm home. The first thing I do is drop my bags, get the chop board, wash the carrots and start shredding and dicing. Note; this is not so fun, I dislike dicing and cutting condiments or anything at all. But tonight is definitely different, can't quite pick where I gathered this unusual strength and longing from- all I wanted to do was cook. Amazing! Done cutting carrots...
I prepare the pot, put in the butter(learnt you can't have too much butter from Julia) so I continue adding till I felt a slight notch to stop. Next I put in the diced carrots and started stirring on and on and on and on. I stirred till there was very little visibility of the butter - more like, I let the carrots soak in all the butter- there was no burn too, quite unusual of me. After a good boil I pour in the rice and let simmer for few minutes before adding water and other ingredients- salt, Maggie, pepper(because I was dreading the taste of just butter...yawk! Skip few minutes from now and dinner or breakfast(cos it's actually like 12:06am now) is ready! And sincerely till this moment when I'm almost done with my first serving did I remember I haven't taken a picture of the result of the entire late night cooking...Lol! Okay, off to get more so I can get a picture to convince that I did prepare this meal. Here....
While this is a very delicious and satisfying meal, it is not quite one someone too cautious of weight like me should often consider...No, not at all! Imagine all the amount of butter that went in there but hey, carrot is healthy too! Even though I added a piece of chicken to the first serving. Anyways it's all about indulging. So, get to it. Indulge! Btw, a big thanks to Julie & Julia, the movie for the inspiration!

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