Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rambling: In a Fa-Fashion World or Yes!

Marc by Marc Jacobs We hear those really fake, weird terms in fashion, like; “Oh I love Andre Leon Tally, he’s my animal spirit”, OR “That’s fabulous, it’s Chanel – Karl of course, he makes simple wonderful”, and my favourite – “Oh my God, it’s so beautiful, I mean, I can’t define this feeling, I think I’m having a fashion orgasm right now. All these saying and more sometimes appear to me as being fake – but really is it really so? Do we really fake the things we like, love and want? No! What then gives us – often fashion obsessed ones, the feeling of denial. A feeling that tells you to put some control on the things we want, on the people we love and take as friends and on the things we purchase. I agree and whole heartedly believe that fashion is beautiful – oh more than beautiful – (and there’s that again) but I really (fewer times these days) want to feel very loved for loving and obsessing over that collection – Valentino, Lanvin, Chanel – far too much. Presently, I’m off and totally over denial. I’m past saying, I like it/you/them rather than say “I love ‘thee’ dearly’ Simply put I’m past denial.
Chanel show For people outside the fashion world (take for example a lovely lady in my office who appreciates good clothing but thinks fashion is overrated and wicked – for accepting/inducing size 0, 4 & 8) they think those that love fashion are ‘mean-fully’ outrageous that they’re the ones running the world upside-down. They request too much of the simple woman/lady who they claim to be too busy based on the nature of her job/career/family to exercise. C’mmon! But frankly, how do you see the fashion industry especially where you reside/live presently…. - Is fashion increasing or decreasing the ‘good’ way of life. - Is fashion opening more opportunities, challenges for people or not? We should note that fashion is broad – it’s quite huge; art, design, craft, sketching, marketing, advertising, publishing, styling, production, etc so how’s fashion negatively affecting the world now; - Is it bad to stay fit and trim and maintain a good physique or NOT because it’s fashion and not even health that says so? In conclusion, I love fashion. I love shoes. I love Karl and I love Andre, I love Marc, I love Alber and I love Tom, I love Phoebe and I love Stella. Why should I not? They raise my mood when ‘my-not-fashion-understanding-overall-boss’ seems to be ruining my spirit … I simply sigh and …. Get on my laptop and look at tons Chanel videos, glance through YSL, re-read Lanvin’s testimonial, watch Tom Ford’s documentary speculating LV and TF; I Google Celine to find Phoebe Philo – a strong, inspiring and challenging mother while I hopefully wish to own everything Stella McCartney in wardrobe as I consider cutting through my present collection of flowry/straight dresses to make them slutty BCBGMaxAzria.
Skip few hours after that awkward meeting with ‘The Boss’ and time spent on my laptop reading , , , and Andre’s Life on Vogue and I’m back on my feet – I’m all smiles, coffee-wanting. Afterall, no one makes you sad, hopeless, useless, redundant, except you let them. So, here’s to being in a fa-fashion forward world and living the best of my career. (*raising a cup of coffee*) Cheers, Kisses and Chanel!

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