Tuesday, March 13, 2012

One Day Last Week

A experience between Tuesday and Sunday last week, specifically Friday at the AMFW

While I wasn't quite geared to get my guess and go have fun at Federal Palace I still found reason to...say simply because my favourite designers where on schedule to showcase- Bridget Awosika and LDA.
The atmosphere was chilly enough to make all the skimpy-wearing ladies in the hall cuddleffor warmth. The usual chats, gossips and random droppings still continued, sight for example was a group of Northen ladies that sat beside me, oh how they chattered like it was a debate of somesought while they infused they feelings on designs as they strutted the runway....oh, did I mbion how amazingly beautiful these women were - well, words can't quite explain their acts but they were sweet ... and fashionable too.

You know those fashion assistants who think they've known more than enough mere by searching through, bazaaar and the likes, okay so about three of them were sitting before me and they shared on about 'delicate' matters perhaps they heard around. It was engrossing all through and at one point just thought 'what the hell, let's have fun then, so i listened in and whao my ears heard enough. Eku Orleans walked in to intrude, I raced a glimpse to see the first piece, wasn't impressed so again I soak my thoughts on writing this and enjoying the numerous litttle discussion around me.
The night ended well, said hi to couple of friends and ended up at the belvedere lounge to enjoy sweet mix of Vodka. Splendid night it was.

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