Monday, March 12, 2012

The Chase to Lose.....Or Not?

It's quite amazing, amusing how we hold on to some desires for long only to finally get them and realize they ain't all that. As humans we desire so many things - items, people, memories, etc but when we eventually find a way to achieve our 'dreams' we lose interest, we lose the promises we made before we got them- right that moment we realize we do not have anything in common.

So why are we so kin on achieving that which we do not even know it's what we want or need to survive. Not one not twice have I held on to faint desires, emotions, crushes which after so much effort I get only to be utterly surprised at how different we are.

Which leaves me with questions like; as humans do we always need to lose to realize we do not need to get too attached to things, people, situations?
What makes us desire more of what we already assume we can't get?
And why do we go on the next running after a crush we never end up with?

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