Sunday, March 4, 2012

I Long for the Week to Come...

I know this will probably sound silly, but I have a current obsession - AMFW 2012. I'm like whao! right now and all I want to do is put on my clothes - well, if I remember to - and just get down to The Federal Palace Hotel in VI. Yes, that's the venue for this year's Arise Magazine Fashion Week 2012.

I just can't wait to see the shows, the runway patterns, the makeup, and oh the musical performances. I'm going cray, cray for it, it's so awkward.

There are few shows I actually cannot wait to see; I'd love to see Bridget Awosika's latest collection - like I mentioned few days ago on Twitter after a short discussion and photo shoot with her..the collection is A-amazing!

The collection still has the BA definition - the simple but sophisticated sexiness of a charmingly grown woman. A woman who knows her game, knows her style, sets boundaries, handles her career with utmost care and concern and yet isn't scared to show some skin - sexy!

The BA woman is sexy, sophisticated, elegant and definitely matured. The collection has a mix of print, texture, soft silhouette. And as usual of BA, the cuts are incredibly endearing.

Oh, how I long for the full collection.

I'll also love to see Lanre Da Silva show as she never fails to surprise with her deligent yet outstanding mix of patterns, prints and old materials - LDA always leaves the grand awe on faces.

Jewel by Lisa, Anita Quansah, Grey, Clan, Tsemaye Binite amongst others are on my top lists and I sure know I'll not be disappointed.

But until the days to come, let me get back to other presently demanding tasks while I savor the atmosphere of the fashion week ahead.

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