Monday, March 5, 2012

Hey! I Made a Duffel Bag

Well, it's not made yet.

Lately, I’ve found love in sketching and design, no, not the very serious fashion design, Karl or Tom type. Just me, myself and my HB pencil which is always handy whenever one of those rare ideas come through.
My recent sketches have been dresses, I love comfort – if permitted I’d wear a shirt-dress of different design, cut and probably colour every day through the year- if permitted though. So I’ve come up with my ‘comfort-outfit designs’ like I call them, daily I savor the joy of having these sketches into real designs and I can’t quite fathom the level of excitement that’d give. It’ll definitely be great!
This morning being the first day of the fashion week – AMFW 2012 again I wondered how I’d shuttle between shows and still spin out of the venue occasionally to get other official tasks fixed and still make up time to work on the website- and my personal blog here. Then I thought, what if I had a very comfortably easy bag that could fit in everything, you know everything from my laptop, the charger, camera and charger, my phones, a notepad, my bottle, makeup and maybe lunch..that’s quite a lot and there could just be more. I wished for a bag like that, right then I thought about making one. Yes, make one as in design one.
So I got an A4 paper on my desk and quickly did a simple sketch, I made this…

All I have to do now is get a good maker to make one – for a start – and perhaps it’d look great and everyone would want one. Yesss!
Now, I’m going to get all that fixed…and also have a great time at the fashion week.


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