Tuesday, January 17, 2012

OROMA ELEWA Walks for Alberta Ferretti Pre Fall 2012 Show

ALBERTA FERRETTI called on some of London's coolest style stars to model its new Demi Couture line - Limited Edition - in a special show at the fashion house's Milan headquarters. Mary Charteris, Tali Lennox, Amber Le Bon and Florence Brudenell-Bruce were among the familar faces that graced the runway in Ferretti's elegant evening gowns, alongside Solange Knowles, Audrey Marnay and Oroma Elewa. The Nigerian-born style star and Pop African Editor alongside few international style stars walked the runway with confidence and charm at Alberti Ferreti Pre Fall 2012 collection in Milan.

I really adore ladies of simple style but with great confidence such as Oroma Elewa, ladies you meet and will ever want to be friends with. I cherish them! I started stalking…well, not stalking per se – Oroma few months back and to every post I’ve read by/on her I realize she’s not just a beauty but one with huge exuberance. Oroma Elewa in her usual sweet style walked the runway in a silver sparkling gown inspired by The Jazz Age.
The chic affair didn't stop there, with Ferretti also showing its pre-autumn/winter 2012-13 collection during the show - the first time its pre offering has been sent down the catwalk.

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