Monday, May 2, 2011

My Favourite Royal Wedding Outfits

Hurray! The Royal Wedding is over, for once all through the hype and hip-hype I thought the day was never coming. But Alas! It came, it happened, we saw, we enjoyed and finally we can all take a rest(you do know that's not true though). The Royal Wedding is over but news about it has just started, take for example E! Elle, Vogue and the rest still has lots and lots of sections, editorials that will feature bits about the Royal Wedding. Expect news like; the best dressed, the worst dressed, fashion police, an exclusive interview with hat maker Phillips Treacy, lacey affair, Kat's makeup(like we didn't get enough of that before the wedding), William's ex (ridiculous) and so on.

I watched the wedding and all that had to do with it, I enjoyed every bit as much as I wished same for myself - you cannot tell whose coming my way, perhaps a Prince - I loved some outfits and booed others.

Here, I share few of my favourite looks at the Royal Wedding. What's your opinion?
Please share...

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The Corner Shop said...

My best look was the Beckhams and that Arab woman- awesome. Some hats were just outrageous