Monday, May 9, 2011

Model Watch: Delightful Ngozi Ugo of Hues & Shades

Model Watch is a new section I concluded will be fantastic for this blog. Model Watch will feature all about models; their career, their extra curricular activities etc.
Model will tell all about these and more in an exclusive interview.

First all this week is a lovely model I really admire, I've seen quite a few of her works, and also witnessed her doing what she loves doing best - modeling. Aside featuring in top ads, photo shoots Ngozi recently featured in new fashion/style magazine - MANIA magazine, she also did a stunning cover photo shoot for `elan magazine.

5ft. 11inches tall Ngozi is signed to one of Nigeria's top modeling agencies - Hues & Shades Modeling Agency managed by Azuwuike Zubby Amadi-Obi who is brother to popular photographer Kelechi Amadi-Obi)

In this exclusive interview, Ngozi shares about her career, her personality, her style and life in general.

DeBuzz: How do you define modeling?
Ngozi: To me, modeling is an art on its own... It’s a way of delivering a message to unknown persons in a very convincing way, either positively or negatively (I choose to stick with the positive side)

DeBuzz: When it comes to modeling, what will you say defines confidence and charisma?
Ngozi: Confidence simply means firm trust and reliance in one's self even in the midst of severe competition. Charisma on the other hand is what makes that confident person engaging to the next person. They both work simultaneously; a model certainly needs both to stand out.

DeBuzz: How long have you been a professional model?
Ngozi: I have been modeling professionally since 2006

DeBuzz: How was your first experience?
Ngozi: My first modeling experience was a fashion show in PH for Rivers State Government.

DeBuzz: How do you handle discouragements and critics?
Ngozi: I’m open to criticism because its one sure way to improve in lacking areas, but as for discouragements, nah, I don’t like them and I try not to stick around people like that because it’s very contagious trust me.

DeBuzz: What do you cherish most about your body, your personality and your career?
Ngozi: I cherish everything about my body and am grateful to God for it.

DeBuzz: Do you prefer a particular modeling genre?
Ngozi: I do more of photography than runway

DeBuzz: If you could be the face of a brand (local & international) which will it be?
Ngzoi:I'd love to be on the cover of vogue magazine someday (by His grace)

DeBuzz: Three words that define true beauty to you?
Ngozi: Elegance, intelligence and integrity

DeBuzz: What’s the most random thing about you?
Ngozi: Uhmm, I don’t know, you tell me lol

DeBuzz: What are your hobbies?
Ngozi: I love swimming, because it keeps me fit. I love to travel also and meet people.

DeBuzz: What/who inspires you?
Ngozi: The Holy Spirit inspires and renews me daily.

DeBuzz: Any role models?
Ngozi: Yes, my mother is. She has been a source of blessing to my life. She taught me most of the things I know and have today; I’ll always look up to her. Vanessa Williams also is one person I really admire. I also love Sade.

DeBuzz: Is there something you desire dearly that you’re yet to achieve?
Ngozi: Every new day comes with a new set of goals. They change like the seasons. What I might want to achieve this very moment could change tremendously as things develop daily basis. The sky is my limit.

DeBuzz: What’s your philosophy of life?
Ngozi: Fear God, Work hard and Be happy!!!!

Ngozi For `Elan Magazine


The Corner Shop said...

She's pretty. Love the fishnet photoshoot


Semo city said...

She's hot... I see her going places. "i stick with the positive..." Nice one dear. " Holy spirit Inspires me..." nice too... the fish net photo is so creative and she sure displayed a lot of confidence on that photo.

Anonymous said...

Awesome....the fish net photo z really awesome.You are really beautiful dear and u have one of the greatest helpers and tool the holy spirit. U go gal!!!!!!! I see you going higher than d sky!!!!


Anonymous said...

Very lovely. You will definitely make it higher than you expect. God sure has great plans. Keep it up!!!

Anonymous said...

She isn’t just beautiful outside but she has a wonderful heart. She is highly professional, has integrity and self motivated. I love her loads and believe the sky is her limit.. …….

Anonymous said...

damn sure you are pretty gurl. Love them all & miss ya too. Enerst.

Anonymous said...

your hillariously pretty,sweet and cool. Post some more pictures cause we can`t see enough of you. You also have an admirable personality that we love... keep keeping it real !!! Johnson.

Princess Joseph said...

Well, the very best Ngosi!