Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wardrobe Trend: The Skirt Dress

I hate boring. Whenever I'm bored I try to do everything possible to excite myself, I call up friends to hangout, I take weird/funny pictures of myself and laugh it off, I play dress up and sometimes Google silly questions.

As much as I love my skirts, shorts especially, it gets really annoying sometimes when I try on my long skirts and do not really feel good about them. So, it was easy, during one of my boring moods i gathered my skirts and played dress up again. Below is a picture of my favourite long skirt(a gift from a friend)after looking through and through I decided to wear it as a dress, and hey it worked.

I loved the outcome, so I decided to wear it to one of the Fela! in Lagos shows that happened over the hols. I also pictures from few friends who have tried the style, it made me love the idea more.

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The Corner Shop said...

NICE!!! I'm gonna try this :D