Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fileto Milano is Legendary!

I have a secret to share, a good friend of mine whom I would say has a unique taste in men once told me that if I ever desired to see the most good looking, handsome, charming and mouth watering, yes, mouth watering Labanese guys in Lagos (all at once that is), then I should visit the delectable Piccolo Mondo restaurant located on Idejo Street, in Victoria Island.

The day arrived of course, the day I thought I could hold enough breath to glance through and through a long queue of "handsome, good looking and charming (don't these words mean same by the way?) guys". I planned my day well - early to start work early to finish, called my strong- hearted girlfriend. At least she would analyse the guys while I explore the menu. Well planned I thought.

We went to Piccolo on a Thursday evening, we had not booked but on arrival the staff was very welcoming and immediately took our drink order and showed us to a nice lounge area we were served our drinks while we looked through the extensive menu. A fine looking waiter took our food order; he was extremely helpful and explained the sauces and different dishes on offer. The wildboar sausages from the specials board were fantastic, my friend had steak as the main course stuffed with cheese and topped with parma ham, I had the salmon with a mixed side salad, my friend had the Seabass which was cooked to perfection while we shared a bottle of wine.

Looking at the menu we were pleasantly surprised at how reasonable the prices were especially in comparison to some other restaurants on the island. The restaurant is tastefully decorated, warm and comfortable with proper table clothes and napkins.

It's been a while we visited but I have consistently visited because the place is so consistent, a rarity I have found in so many other places I dine. When I visit this restaurant I feel it provides a few hours of escapism and sheer indulgence. The ambience is fantastic, discreet, candle-lit and relaxing, just the way I like to dine. Again a rare scenario, as so many restaurants cram in as many as they can and urge them out the doors. This place is fillet steak I have ever tasted, Filleto milano is legendary! I really should try something else from the menu some day but I seriously love this combination of succulent fillet, dolcelatte cheese all lovingly wrapped in a sheet of parma ham.

The staff is tentative and nothing too much trouble. (My pet hate is to be served by someone who makes no eye contact when you place your order and appears distant and unresponsive to questions regarding dishes) Here I feel special, a tasty meal and a long array of fine guys…Whoopy!

The only negative point I could think of is that the waiting area at the front of the restaurant is very small and people may be required to stand while you wait to be seated especially this Easter season. Luckily, this must be one of the reasons why the service is so organised because they won't have the diner waiting there for long. I would highly recommend Piccolo for an Italian dine in an authentic, relaxed, romantic surrounding which serves top class food.
Now you know the perfect dine out spot for the Easter period. Never mind, go ahead come say your appreciation afterward.

Name: Piccolo Mondo
Address: 19B Idejo Street,
Phone: +234 1 7927922
Mobile: +234 8034919719

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