Monday, April 4, 2011

Fashion Fakers

According to Urban fashion fakers are people who try to be all fashionable and think they’re 'it' when actually they are just following the crowd and most of the time fashion fakers do not even like the clothes they’re wearing, they just wear them because other people like them. Most times fashion fakers think they can't afford the real thing, or perhaps think they do not deserve a bargain, so head off to an online auction or a street corner to buy a fake handbag. You get the bag/shades/shirt/watch that you wanted and some cash.
What’s the harm? After all, the fakes (also called copies, knockoffs, replicas and counterfeit goods) now are so good that even pros have trouble telling the difference. Now, fakes are so good (and expensive) that you simply can't tell the difference.
So how do you know what's real and what's not?

Knockoff designer goods are readily available on the street in such areas such as Los Angeles' Santee Street and New York's Canal Street.
And the internet is full of online auctions and cybersellers offering "Inspired by" copies and outright fakes.
The old method of spotting fakes was simple: flimsy hardware, cheap leather and misspelled logos were a giveaway. But all is changed now; a very fake product now almost looks like a real.
Just two random clues on how to detect a fake:
• The price of a real thing often sells twice the fake.
• Point of origin tag; designer apparel or leather goods with a "Made in Taiwan" tag are not authentic.

As already known fashion isn’t the only type of brand susceptible to copycats, pharmaceuticals, beverages, toys, furniture, software, and electronics -- you name a brand niche and it has most likely fallen victim to counterfeiting. According to research, “Purse parties” are the newest trend in the counterfeit fashion trade, an industry that is running rampant worldwide. The International Chamber of Commerce estimates that the counterfeiting industry comprises five to seven percent of global trade and is worth roughly US$ 450 to 500 billion.

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The Corner Shop said...

The worst thing that could happen would be the faker designer products being made as expensive as the real stuff lol