Monday, April 18, 2011

Eat, Drink & Be Jewelled ....Elan is Back With a Bang!

When `elan magazine launched it raised expectations and excitement of fashion lovers - from their fantastic fashion editorials to insightful fashion features/articles - back then I couldn't just wait for another Sunday.

Then the usual happened, print became bad, boring content increased and apparently sales tremendously declined. So I stopped buying and patiently waited for another magazine that'll come do the trick. During the low-dealings period `elan changed editors like a fashionista changes outfits but NO, it didn't get better rather worse.

But Bang! Elan returns.

During the Arise Fashion Week (fun week..remember?) I heard the gist that ex-model/entrepreneur now fashion designer Kiki Kamanu will be taking up the post of Editor at `elan. First, I felt surprised, I was like, "why would she?". Well, I moved on and waited for the surprise. And yes, Kiki did it, she brought `elan back. She's brought the best of `elan magazine. If you haven't seen a recent edition then you should get the next edition come - 22nd April 2011 (next week) for just N200.

Here are few photos from the last edition:

Title: Eat, Drink & Be Jewelled
Model: Samantha @ Hues & Shades
Make Up: Feyi for Indian Place
Hair: Caroline Alexandra
Style by: Caroline Alexandra
Photography: Chinedum Odogwu for Wellbrook Studio
Directed by: Kiki Kamanu

Apologies for the quality of the photos, lost my camera and had to take with a low quality one.

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The Corner Shop said...

Are they eating jewelry? Interesting!