Monday, September 20, 2010

The Return

Hello there, I know it’s been a while and here I am just saying ‘hello there’. Well, here it is, I am so sorry. Sincerely sorry and apologise for the long disappearance. Work’s been quite hectic so keeping steady on blogging has been demanding. But hey! It’s different now, I have something planned, and I mean I have a way around it all now. I promise to remain steady and
First things first though, I plan to make some changes on the page as you will notice as the week goes on, there’ll also be more pages in terms of content. That of course is aside the usual – events, entertainment gist, interviews and other random articles. New pages like People Are Talking About.., Top 10 Favourites Things, The Diner, How-to’s, Book, music and movie reviews, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, among others.
Well then, let me stop at that (you know, say less, act more). I should get back to planning the for better production.

Have a terrific week ahead.

Remember: De’Buzz is back!

Quote: “The more you complain, the less you obtain.”


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