Tuesday, July 1, 2014

DOVETAIL by Orange Culture

Orange Culture presents DOVETAIL collection inspired by uneven and unlevelled wooden staircases in Lagos Nigeria. 

The imperfection of staircases in Lagos Nigeria doesn’t necessarily take away from its beauty as the imperfect lines, joints and dimensions make each step an exciting adventure, a step into an airy discovery. These staircases have a rustic appearance that reinterprets the natural structure of wood and inspired the prints developed for the collection. 

The collection is filled with oversized “Agbada” Tunic, Wrapper Skirts, roped loose pants, sheer shirts, as well as some new shapes as the brand continues to push the boundaries on traditional African Menswear. 

Using a mix of pastel, sorbet and neutral colours and print inspired by the wooden staircases, the resort 2015 collection expresses complex and contemporary taste of the modern Afropolitan man. 

With a strong emphasis on the bespoke print and the juxtapose of soft fabrics, Orange Culture continues to show that fashion should never be taken too seriously and this wearable collection expresses the ease that comes with every step as shapes are inspired by movement and imperfect lines from each step. 


The shoes were created in collaboration with another made in Nigeria brand called Kene Rapu, inspired by primary school experiences of designer Adebayo oke-lawal. “Growing up I always wished my shoes could be a little fancier”. This collection helped revisit a lot of things as a child growing up in Nigeria and with the technical prowess of the brand Kene Rapu it was successfully executed. 

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