Monday, February 17, 2014

Top Picks: IamIsigo S/S '14 - "Blood and Bones"

I love the surreal yet powerful feel of this collection – very reasoned out and illustrated perfectly. Sometimes, designers make us (the audience, clients, lovers) question the name/title compared to the collection but in this case Bubu left no question unanswered – style, theme, concept, etc are all in open light to all.

They say experience is the best teacher and considering this collection was inspired by her pregnancy and the changes she went through I would say, that only personal experience  (aside professionalism – which is also based on experienced and training) can inspire such.

This collection has also given me a clear idea of her style - because for some reason I’ve always felt she shares a lot with Maki Oh. Now I see that bit that separates them, the beautifully unique qualities that defines each of them yet brings them together in terms of fashion in relation to our style, our culture.

Congrats to the designer, Bubu Ogisi, for this beautiful collection and big thanks to her lovely child too, for the inspiration.

Like I always say; seek the simplest things (especially of nature), visit the most un-assumed places, explore the unconsidered options and enjoy life’s gift, then wait to see success.

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