Monday, January 20, 2014

"To change an image, first you destroy it" FT

Excerpt from a brand management article using Miley Cyrus as focus...fine read.

To change an image, first you destroy it. Only then can you rebuild: this is the lesson of fashion, and it is the lesson of Miley Cyrus. Who ever thought those two words would reside in the same sentence? My guess is Cyrus herself or her handlers. I think they figured this out long ago.

For the past few months – since that notorious moment at the MTV Video Music Awards when the former Disney darling from TV’s Hannah Montana shed her teddy bear suit to revel a latex bikini and then performed a raunchy routine with Robin Thicke – Cyrus has been at the centre of an intense debate over just how conscious her bad/embarrassing behaviour is, and its intended effect. Cyrus herself has always asserted of her MTV performance that she was playing a character, and it was all planned. Yet she couldn’t quite convince everyone. There were those (such as actress Kate Winslet) who saw Cyrus as the misguided wrecking ball of her own career: a girl on a public path to ignominy, à la Lindsay Lohan, another former child star.

Full article by Vanessa Friedman HERE

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