Friday, January 17, 2014

HOW TO: Be Better at What you Do

Here are five shortcuts to fame that work:

Tip #1: Throw yourself up the learning curve. 
Every worthwhile endeavor has a steep learning curve. If you want to have success as a writer, you need to learn how to create a compelling story. If you are a blogger, you need to learn how to write a blog post that can go viral. Make sure that you learn what has made others successful. Money spent on education and training is always a good investment. And if you can snag a mentor on your learning journey – you’re already half-way to fame.

Tip #2: Hang out where you can be spotted. 
One of the sure-fire ways to fame is to be endorsed by an expert in your field. You can see how that works when you read the blurb on the back of books. Be discovered and endorsed by a leading exponent, and you are on the fast track to fame. But how to get discovered? It’s simple. You need to figure out where the experts hang out and join them there

Tip #3: Be insanely useful.  
Being helpful is the main reason behind any success. It’s the same with most people in the limelight: their journey usually started with consistent relation with people ‘there’ and also how much they can offer. So, find someone you can look up to plus be insanely helpful to others in your field too!

Tip #4: Grab opportunities as they flit past.
The Internet is a place of fast change. Opportunities only come around once. If you’ve built a connection with an expert and they ask for help, say “yes” – even if you are over-committed and unpaid. 

Tip #5 Use ‘vitamin’ C in high doses.
Vitamin C is something that aids vitality. But I don’t mean pills here. C stands for Connection. Because connection is what makes opportunities happen on the Internet. How can you connect? Start with your end of the conversation. If the expert you want to connect with is on Twitter, send him or her regular Tweets with relevant comments. If it’s a blogger you want to connect with, comment on her or his blog. In time the expert will notice you, and a connection will form. Once you’ve forged a connection, make sure that you’re insanely helpful. Meet good fortune half way – and don’t sit around, waiting for it to find you. 

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