Friday, November 1, 2013

RUNWAY REPORT : LFDW 2013 - "Elements" of Nature at Iconic Invanity

I felt two things - peace and pain, watching Iconic Invanity's S/S collection - "Elements" walk down the runway at the Lagos Fashion and Design Week. It's not of evil or hate but watching the models work in those amazing pieces gave me a fashion-orgasm or maybe a paradisic revelation.

Elements as the designer - Nancy Nwadire defined it possesses everything earthy - fire, water, sun, air, etc in summary I'd say everything natural, everything, that's how the entire 10minutes felt - entirely peaceful.

The believe is that Nigerians love glitz and glitters; they shiny pieces, studded designs and sometimes bedazzled all the way clothes. One would have assumed, Iconic Invanity aims to satisfy all that feeling in Nigerias but not exactly, she gives a hint of that plus more that's hidden to me.

She resolves an amazing impression about the woman's physique (considering she's got a rather unique and enviable one herself), she knows how to define the 'contours' and the 'bottoms' that seem most expressionless in other designs.

Like I said, it's more than the accessorizing; Iconic Invanity makes a woman comfortable being one, each piece shares a message, a personality of its own. There's a feminine touch that cannot be overlooked by any; that one touch that catches attention - in a respectful, admirable way.

Elements is a beautiful collection with a very touching, yes touching story. From the cuts, the fabrics, the silhoettes, the shapes and flow of the pieces in this collection one could tell how much attention is paid to detail. The way each piece sits on each model is quite recommendable; the sheer fittings/details on the shoulders and lower thighs say sexy but not vulgar, the peplum is of the future - redefined in a more refreshing way. I might just return to the peplum trend.

The skirts are super adorable with very appropriate back slits revealing a hint of the thighs; the flare pants that accentuate the hips and bum and the shorts sexy enough for both day and night all make for the wardrobe essentials of every woman that understands her luxury pieces.

There are few designers that exude what they create, Nancy Nwadire is top on the list of such. She, just like her clothes revels/oozes what every woman desires - beauty, power and femininity. Which is why it didn't come off as a surprise when everyone watching the show clapped conitniously, piece after piece during her show.

The collection amongst all was one of the best during the fashion week; indeed a perfect story was told even with the music and the mood on the models.

Fashion epic-ness is only defined in very few occassions, Iconic Invanity's showcase at the just concluded GTB Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2013 is one  of such.

My pain is melted now; I'm at peace and my feelings are out in the open seeking ways to get at least one piece from this collection.

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