Thursday, October 31, 2013

RUNWAY REPORT: LFDW 2013 -- Jewel by Lisa

OLD  IS THE NEW COOL. Well, that’s according to Jewel by Lisa’s collection at LFDW.

Back when we wore flare shorts, singlet shirts, plain wrap dresses and shirts under pinafore we thought it was boring but quite the opposite now as JBL as shown us it’s the latest cool thing to do.

Therefore, we are going back, way back to high school only this thing we plan to do it better and more stylish than then; now we’ll spice up our wrap dresses with a lovely sandal, add a little sass to our pinafores with a funky shirt and cap, wear our flare shorts with crop tops and the likes. We’ll also wear those plain over-the-knee length dresses with extra neckline and mix our prints with colours and cuts.

We’ll bring the kitchen out with apron-like attachees and double up big shirts with baggy ankle-length pants; we’ll be bold to flaunt our abs with those half blouses and rock the high school-like skirts to work.

Old styles have returned and we are super ready to rock it all after all what’s style without a little memory and drama.

Thanks to JBL

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