Tuesday, October 1, 2013

ROMAN FACTOR - Valentino S/S '14 RTW Collection

I love this collection, well; it’s no news considering I only write about the thing I like
What I love about this collection? That’s going to tell a whole lot of errmmmm and hmmm because these I revolve in the beauty of beautiful things than actually give maximum time to explain my true feelings or ideas of the good.

Valentino’s Spring/Summer collection is filled with quite astonishing embellishments that leads back to a great history, from the Roman era to the colonial.

To its true style, Valentino presented designs of well crafted accessories; on the capes, the hems; the jumpsuits are made to measure and sit appropriately while revealing no conspicuous parts

The mixed turtle neckline and tripled (or even quadrupled) neck chains tells so much of the Roman emperor with a tiny influence on the modern day (now..) hence the sheer details as pleats and unfinished hemlines.

Accessories in this collection also patterns after the cowboy (which is away from the very old Romans… seems quite like a journey, a steady trip from then, there and now.
The feeling expressed by the shirts in this collection is almost vintage, take a bit of the 40s (the wrist length cuff) with 60s (the long bow style) and finished off with a plunging neckline (the 90s – now)

From the detailed layering, the high slits, plunging necklines, sheer influence, man-shirts, flared pants, to the bags with frills, the over-stated accessories, the simple ‘hidden’ cuts, subtle makeup and themed hairstyles this collection tells a full-on Valentino history – then to now.

Valentino sure knows a distinct way to emphasis its heritage.

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