Friday, September 27, 2013

The #BoF500 – The People Shaping the Global Fashion Industry 2013

 The Business Fashion recently unveiled the #BOF 500: an innovative, new multi-channel initiative — curated by the editors of The Business of Fashion and powered by social media — that examines the people shaping the global fashion industry.

Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Imran Amed, "They are blue-chip titans who helm the industry’s mega-brands and daring young upstarts whose fashion stars are fast rising. They are disruptive entrepreneurs building the next wave of $1 billion start-ups and opinion-leaders whose points of view attract followers, online and off. They are power princesses, chic sheikhs and supermodels, as well as discreet, behind-the-scenes catalysts who spot and support the industry’s top talents."

She continues, "The BoF 500 is not a crude ranking, nor a simple list of names, but an ever-evolving index of fashion’s most dynamic global players. I invite you to visit and watch the BoF 500 as they go about the day-to-day of their professional lives, sharing what they find most inspiring, and you will see a continuously unfolding glimpse into the collective consciousness of the global fashion industry. "

The BoF 500 is a professional resource for fashion industry insiders and those hoping to break in. But it’s also a place to dork out for the millions of fashion nerds who share our endless fascination with this exciting world. We hope you will enjoy exploring it as much as we have enjoyed creating it

Visit BOF 500 now! 

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