Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Lagos Photo Festival 2013 - The Megacity and the Non-City

LagosPhoto 2013 will represent two dominant modes of photographic expression, that of the documentary tradition and the expanded realm of image-based practices incorporating conceptual and new media strategies. The Megacity and the Non-City looks at both the development of urban centers in Africa and the influences of technology, the internet, and the digital revolution, and how they have transformed photography and our sense of place in a globally connected world. 

While these two domains of photography are at once complimentary, they also speak to very different readings and functions of photography. As The Megacity presents a photojournalistic perspective that documents that fast pace of change occurring in Africa today, The Non-City extends LagosPhoto's focus to account for artistic practices that examine the mass circulation of images and the politics of representation. 

A new partnership with World Press Photo, a preeminent international competition and exhibition that showcases the best of photojournalism worldwide, will bring its annual exhibition to Lagos to be showcased alongside the festival.

More about Lagos Photo Festival HERE

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