Thursday, June 13, 2013

Doing Good, Being Good

Sometimes I ask myself, "what is enough?" 

Enough here means appropriate, decent, over average, remarkable and the likes.
I feel there's a place and point in life one gets and feels he/she has done enough for a situation or person; that point of saying "yes, I've given enough, let me hold up a bit" which sometimes sounds mediocre.

Enough isn't about cash, fame or control, it's more of chances - the ones you've given and the ones you've longed for. 

Enough is of opportunities missed or managed, it's of emotions hidden, discovered or shattered, it's of maturity. 

Although it's not good to be satisfied with enough especially when it comes to success and knowledge, few things do require it. Few things like;

* Incessant yarn for negativity - news, gossip, etc
* The desire to satisfy people - bosses, families & friends
* The fight for great success when sacrifices haven't been made - it destroys growth!
* The pleasure of damaging and badgering good will
* The non-nonchalant attitude on jobs - individual or corporate
* The tiny things, people that give pleasure that lasts a second then comes the greater pain.
* About the plans for tomorrow...and more.

What things do you think you've had enough of? 

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