Friday, May 3, 2013

Double ADELE vs Double CAREY

This isn't exactly a game or comparison idea, it's just away of confirming my opinion that Adele doesn't make a good cover. I mean she's covered two magazines so far non of which look beautiful - at least the way it should be. It's either the head is too big (which is in the two cases below) or she gets bloated, too trimmed, something just doesn't work. These pictures perfectly reveal that and personally I think she should drop covers; exclusive inside profile and such might work well, not cover Adele!

On second hand, is 'The Greatest' - Carey Mulligan who looks smashing on both covers below...she looks amazing on both covers!! Styling, makeup and other props aside, Carey just always is a pleasant looking and should I say photogenic woman. I love these covers.

The question now which would you buy because I couldn't bear to buy the Adele Elle edition at the mall the other day...I'll probably do a survey see which sales out faster.

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