Monday, March 25, 2013

The Best or Nothing!

I’ve always believed there’s one way to get through a sad, depressed, annoying life … Hope, hope and hope for the best, while working hard towards achieving the best of course.
The tease, believe, faith to hold on to the best of ‘Okay’ that’s yet to come
But how long do you have to wait for the best?
Or the very best as I like to put it...
How long do you have to wait for that one thing?
Or person that’s gonn’ bring that change?
How long is it gonn’ be before every smile on that face gonn’ be a truly genuine one?
How long before the thoughts of being wrong and waiting to give up be?
Perhaps I think, when that one person, or situation falls in place or dies….
Then hope itself is lost …
How long before the long desired dreams become visible?
Well, I can go on rambling on these thoughts
Or I could just give up on them
Or hold on even more.
Yet, I persist either way.

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