Saturday, March 2, 2013

FUN DISCOVERIES - Weekly Roundup; Top Web Post Links This Week!

Discover a new shopping experience on ZABETHEL 
REFINNERY29 Thinks Jennifer Lawrence’s Dior Advert Should Have Been Like This - 

It was ELIZABETH TAYLOR’s birthday on Wednesday! 
THIERRYMUGLER’s Angel Perfume Celebrates 20 Years: Fashionista Takes A Look at the Scent and the Fashion Behind it

PARIS Fashion Week: The Highlights  

MICHELLE OBAMA Writes about Healthier Foods for The Wall Street Journal - 

Lovely Article on HAIR CHANGING 

THE KLOSSES – Experience Karlie Kloss’ World, Her Family and More 
 Six luminaries in the Fashion Industry Weigh on the Topic: DISCIPLINE 
Reactions to Alexander Wang’s Debut BALENCIAGA Collection 

BALENCIAGA is in Good Hands 
 29 DATES to go on With Your Best Friend 



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