Saturday, March 9, 2013

FUN DISCOVERIES: Top Web Stories this Week - Must Read Articles!

This is a first draft of must read web stories this week, from fashion, lifestyle to entertainment and ramblings, these stories are entertaining, informative and indulging!
VIVIENNEWESTWOOD: At 71, Still Not Done Provoking - 
 MICHELLEHARPER, A Woman of Misery - 
 Bold Business, VERSACE's take on contemporary business dressing - 
 Discover a new shopping experience on ZABETHEL 
 Africa's top WOMEN achievers 
 ARISE Magazine Fashion Week #AMFW Event Coming Soon 
FASHION PR People vs Marketers 
Are Humans FASHION Animals 
30 Things Not Worth STRESSING Over 
 H&M’s Got Other Stories to Tell 
 9 African WOMEN Bloggers Weigh in on What Women’s Day Means to Them 
 BUNMI AWONIYI Named Superior Court Judge in California, First Nigeria Woman US Judge 

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