Friday, March 15, 2013

FUN DISCOVERIES: Top Web Links to Must Read Articles this Week!

Thank God it's Friday! Not that I'll get all the time to do all I have to do over the weekend but just the thought of the weekend tinkles the brain somehow creating so much excitement ...but hey, hey. It's all good, the thought will do but for while at it there're few online articles that are must read for every fashion lover, blogger, entrepreneur out there who's like me.
Below is this week's list of links to fun, interesting, informative, entertaining, educative, etc articles posted on numerous websites.

Michelle & Barak Obama x Vogue US April issue


Maternal COVER Girls 
Love the all new BOF 
A PHOTOGRAPHER’s Opinion on Fashion Week 
From the Magazine, Queen BEYONCE 
Backstage and Front Row at PARIS Fashion Week
The Top 10 Fashion FILMS of the Season!

The Man that Launched the Massive BEARDS Trend 
Proenze Schouler Launched a WEBSITE 
The Real Meaning of HIGH FASHION Versus High Street 
14 Things you should do at the End of WORK Day 
Discover the New Wordl of DEOLA SAGOE   
Hollywood’s Most Powerful STYLISTS Revealed 
LISOF – South African Top Fashion School turns 20! 
TOM FORD On “Changing Diapers” 
CFDA Awards 2013 Nominations Announced 
The Three Most Hated FASHION SHOWS of 2013 

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