Wednesday, March 20, 2013

10 Reasons You Should Attend #SpiceHauteParty!

  • Spice Haute Party will be recorded as the best fashion party of the year 2013 – get it right, ‘FASHION PARTY’.
  • You’ve worked really hard the past few months, there’re more months to conquer successfully but hey, you do need a break. So here, Spice TV is giving that to you free! After work, bring yourself to Radisson Blu to have great fun with fine people, delicious food and non-stop Martini flow.
  • It’s Thursday, few days to Friday… So, come let’s have #TGIT!
  • What’s more fun than free drinks, buffet, fabulous entertainment, great people? Not even the rest you need…yep!
  • Spice Haute Party only happens once or twice a year, so why miss the one party that says – FAB!
  • There’re very few places to have a gathering of top professional from different industries – that Spice Haute Party gives. So, come network!
  • This is strictly for fashion lovers – you’re not going to have such fun for a while, I’m sure of that. AMFW ’13 has been cancelled, therefore this is your chance to enjoy all that packaged 4-day fashion week fun all in one day….At Spice Haute Party, today at Radisson Blu, with Martini and Range Rover,  Jaguar.
  • You might win yourself a brand new Land Rover courtesy of the manufacturing company. All you have to do is buy one Jaguar and get one Range free!!!
  • You get an exclusive VVIP pass to all SPICE parties through the next 2years …. And darling, you don’t want to miss that for anything!
  • What better present could you give yourself for being such a good guy/lady if not a fabulous treat with fabulous people, in a fabulous environment..not even a spa treatment or spree shopping can pass for this party.
#Dazall you've been told!

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