Wednesday, February 13, 2013

That Perfect Date

I didn't quite get what I was doing few years back when I started writing about dining especially restaurant dining but somehow Guardian Newspaper Sunday Editor asked if I'd love to start a column....WHAT?  I screamed, well not quite. Gladly I took the offer and started out with regular dinner dates, weekend hang out with friends and other times just me. Soon it became an habit and here getting paid to write about dining out, now that's one cool thing even for someone that barely eats.  With several positive comments, reviews and recommendation over the years I'm happy to add 'Food Connoisseur' to be my profile and signature. It's cool, it's different and the benefits are fabulous...Like this one below.

Once in a while I try to put together suggestions that helps and almost sums up dining experiences around here - cuisine types, special promotions and such. I also do it because of friends and colleagues who one time or the other ask I recommend a restaurant of particular cuisine or ambiance. 

Considering it's Valentine's Day tomorrow and the rest of February is pretty much about Valentine's and Love I decided to make a list of top restaurants where anyone with great taste buds and personal style can enjoy a romantic diner,  here in Lagos..

My top seven restaurants to dine this Valentine's are listed HERE on Spice website where I'm currently the editor.

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