Sunday, February 24, 2013

Style Alert: Nichole Galicia x Iconic Invanity at "Life is Amazing" Screening

The truth is, I stay with positivity and positivity they say comes with true knowledge and creativity. True creativity they say goes places beyond the common dreams of the ordinary person, true creativity travels wide and broad. Not to ramble too far I'd like to say that fashion label Iconic Invanity established by Nancy Nwadire is one of the few that stands out when it comes to creativity  and artistic value. I love when a brand has its own signature, that stamp of significance which tells you any day, anytime, anywhere of its relevance...that is simply what Iconic Invanity represents.

True to its nature the Iconic Invanity trade mark is obvious in its design, the aesthetics being revealed in its construction and most importantly the perfect definition of the female body.
Recently at the screening of "Life is Amazing" Panamanian-American actress and model, Nicole Galicia who has a featured role as Sheba in one my recent favourite movies, Django(D is Unchained was spotted wearing a piece from Iconic Invanity's S/S 'Luxury Sweet Candy' collection. 
Nicole wore this beautiful, well-crafted, long-short patterned, armless dress to the screening of "Life Amazing". For a dress of this nature which shares a colour balance - blue, yellow, red, black , etc I like that Nicole opted for nude statement shoes, the pointy effect of the shoes gives the entire look a strong sexy appeal. While her hair is pleasant, I particularly love how she decided to do without jewelry ... I mean, that's very mature and chic. Her glowing skin plus a stunning dress like this doesn't need any extra effect. The glam appeal she constantly wears seals the entire deal.

I love, love her complete outfit and  I must say that I actually prefer Nicole's to the runway and campaign looks below... after all beauty they say is in the eyes of the beholder.

Photos via FashionBombDaily, StyleJunki

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