Thursday, January 17, 2013

Wondering about "Wanderlust"

Right from the runway at the Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2012 where I first saw this collection I came to appreciate Isoken Ogiemwonyi’s (Obsidian) effort on this collection. Unlike her usual style of excessive detailing in cuts, accessorizing, poor finishing and all, here it appears she took considerable time to see the dynamics of the fabrics and designs she was creating.

I especially like her choose of lace, quite mature with a vintage feel. She did a fantastic job with the lace not relying completely on the same copied and repeated styles seen around.
 Here, she exhibits an almost personified definition to what her brand represents – strong, individual. Perhaps now she’s more confident and grown….well.

While few pieces still possess that ‘same’ feel and the styling not  it…quite immature and unprofessional, the questions to be asked when creating a lookbook are ;

How well am I representing my brand?
What’s the standard I’m setting here?
How well is the selected model representing my brand status?

And lots more like that, but I guess such basic criterion are not checked around here …maybe we’ll get their some day.

Professional observations (e.g. styling, photography, creativity, etc) aside, this is a fair collection, one Isoken should be truly proud of. I really like the lace pieces (...emphasis!!)  as well as the whites, it’s obvious she wasn’t trying too hard to make something of these two especially, which is what the individualism of creativity for any brand should be --- easy, simple yet brilliantly elegant in its own sense.

Photos via BellaNaija

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