Friday, January 11, 2013

Like a Mirror .... Fei Fei x Vogue Italia January 2013

Like the perfect image seen in a mirror, Fei Fei appears amazingly stunning on the cover of Vogue Italia; perfectly channeling China Machado in the best possible way Fei Fei’s looks in the editorial are simply remarkable. 

With a fantastic team of professional creative minds Vogue Italia spurs out an outstanding cover to the list of the best this month. 

There’s a strong effort on beauty in this edition (something I’m really loving), from well highlighted eyeliner and contoured facial bones to the well placed bob hairstyle and the warm almost nude or say light rose lip then her well toned, glowing skin this is simply major!
Seeing confirms believe they say and looking at the images all these can be confirmed with little or no misgivings… I’m so loving it that I added few of the images to my screen saver - -- Yes, I love it that much!

More about the edition here.

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