Monday, January 21, 2013

Ema's Words on Marriage

My friend and once colleague posted this on her Facebook wall and I thought to share...Please read and share your thoughts.


"What I'm inclined to believe today is a lot of women don't want a husband, they just want sex and money. Many of women do not want to minister to or support a man. They don't want to support a vision. The microwave generation does not want to work for or work out anything. What some women don't realise is when you marry a man, you marry the future, you marry an assignment. You marry a potential, you marry capability. When God puts a man in your hands, He tells you to grow it, to develop it, to mature it, work it out, build it. If you don't have building power, stay single. If you want to get married, you have to allow God to teach you how to be a wife. I know there are difficulties in marriage and I know not all marriages are bound to succeed. Men have issues also, but we have a part to play, so when issues arise with your partner, you must alway weigh wisdom and the Provers 31 woman against anger and pride". Emamode Edosio

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