Saturday, January 5, 2013


EDUN collaborates with Tanzanian fashion label Zanzibar to create amazing designs of footwear and jewelry .

Global fashion brand known to be bringing about change through its trading relationship with Africa has partnered with Tanzania based label Zanzibar owned by Doreen Mashika.
EDUN discovered Doreen’s exquisite work at the Origin 2012 conference in Ethiopia last Spring. After learning of her deep love of African cultural heritage, which she blends with a Western design philosophy in her contemporary work, the fit was natural. They have collaborated on a special collection of accessories specifically for the holiday season. 

She says about Zanzibar’s influence on the collection: 

“Zanzibar has a rich history of its cross-winds and old-colonial trading routes-as a result, it has for centuries been a cosmopolitan and multi-cultural melting pot,” 

Mashika says. And it’s evident in her designs, which are Contemporary and unique while identifiably African. 

“The nature I find around the island is quite interesting, I think finding form and function inspired by nature plays a significant role in creating a brilliant design. Going outside to be inspired is the most enjoyable research I love to take part in. Nature never fails to produce something new and interesting. This is quite visible in the Zanzibar Collection for EDUN.”

Edun say they are proud to add her to the growing list of African artisans they work with in Africa.

Read more about the collaboration here.
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source: Africa Fashion Guide

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