Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Designer Crush Alert - Peter Dundas

"Please can I have lunch or perhaps dinner with you?" That'll be my question to Peter Dundas when I finally meet him.
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Few times I've seen his picture, read his interviews in magazines and on the web but haven't didn't quite realise how fond I am of his face....It's like that thing/person you like but can't quite place what or why about him/it gives the feeling, such is Peter Dundas.

Introductions first, right?

Photo via TheSatorialist

Photo via NewYorkTimes

Well, Peter is the Creative Director of design label - Emilo Pucci and since his sign into Emilo Pucci the label has changed drastically .... in a beautiful way of course. The designs now possess an ultra feminine, sexy yet tomboyish look that is super cool and oh how I love that.

Like the rest of his kind, Peter Dundas isn't the type often seen about, for me I think he's very 'mysterious' (Laughing out loud!) but in a very daring and classy way, his style is uniquely charming and the way he treats his muses is amazing...little wonder the ladies feel very comfortable in his hands, it's like they feel very safe with him, like he's the saviour who can rescue any woman from harm ---- and that every woman loves. 

These pictures say all that and lots more....

While his designs are pretty eccentric - kind of my type too, he's also transcended the entire Pucci brand into  a rather edgy and daring one yet with a touch of femininity  Looking at this interview here it becomes even more obvious we have more in common than I thought .... (Scream!!!....Yes we do!)

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