Saturday, December 29, 2012

Tribal Influence

At first entrance into the House of Makeda studio off Awolowo Road in Ikoyi you’d get a feeling of juxtaposition - one that makes you think you’ve just traveled back in time to the early days, your hometown maybe. Those days when culture seemed appropriate everywhere, in any form unlike today when it’s being carefully hidden behind modernism perhaps for general acceptance.

Having recently become familiar with the House of Makeda I can say categorically my belief of traditional influence with a blend of modern sophistication is still right in place – the brand shares a certainty of a whole African style assembled with a jolt of chic accessorizing, practical cuts with efficient panache thereby creating unpretentious sartorial pieces that brings us right back to our origin yet maintains a good standard on the international level.

Created by Teni, a musician and fashion designer who studied History at the University College London and African Studies at the School of Oriental &  African Studies appears to have soaked up a myriad of multicultural influences which continues to inspire her to create designs that are edgy, fashion-forward, unique, socially conscious and eclectic. She carefully fuses vintage African sense with contemporary Western and Eastern style to create powerful, classic and truly one-of-a-kind sophisticated designs for the sophisticated, intelligent, modern woman.

With the name, Makeda- the famed African Queen of Sheba who captured the heart of King Solomon after journeying to his kingdom to gain knowledge and wisdom, which were to her, more precious than gold or any jewel. In her time, she was the embodiment of regal elegance and now, the timeless qualities she possessed have been reborn for the modern woman. Based on this influence, House of Makeda is making impact on the problem of street children in Lagos. The house designs bracelets of precious stones and silk scarves and organise concerts and exhibitions to raise money for vulnerable children. And with their ready to wear Makeda line, exquisitively made to measure Makeda Couture and diffusion demi-couture L’Afro Boheme line for the exotic haute bohemian alongside their chic accessories, House of Makeda creates truly iconic African pieces.

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