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A visit into the lifestyle hotel – The Avenue Suites reveals an opulent, elegant Gothic yet modernised interior- a surprising contrast from the cool minimalist look it bears outside.

                                                                    The Avenue Suites

One of my favourite pages I always look forward to writing every edition is the 'Interior' section, which features a spotlight on any beautiful interior decor - home, hotel, etc. In the October edition which features top model Oluchi Orlandi as the cover personality I specially reviewed a charming hotel - The Avenue Suites. 

Read excerpt from the review below ....

Except you are on a tour guide or sort there are very few things that will draw your attention to the bare-looking grey building that houses The Avenue Suites which is just right at the entrance into Tiamiyu Savage Street in Victoria Island. 

The Avenue Suites on Tiamiyu Savage
It’s obvious developers and city boosters have long struggled to resolve Lagos’ split personality it’s however evident that while the city is often seen as filthy and gritty in reality it still possesses glamorous reputation in some aspects and The Avenue Suites is one of the bits that has added to its glam. For some reasons, the creators of this lifestyle hotel have continued to cleverly channel the tension between the dueling personalities seen in Lagos to create a mash-up of contrasting worlds in a simple but outstandingly beguiling manner – it looks old and new; rowdy and peaceful; elegant and raw, highly perfumed and designed for a quick cocktail or a weeklong stay … all under one roof. With its bawdy meets chic meets Queen Victoria look, it may be the first fashionably Gothic hotel in Lagos. If you aren’t familiar with the Victorian/Gothic style, don’t like vintage smelly leather furniture, don’t like deafening restaurants, can’t read tiny type on menus in the dark and prefer to wake up to something other than bottles clanking into the recycling bin, the Avenue Suites might be your idea of wretched excess.

Executive Bedroom

The Lounge

If you can ignore the rough patches, the hotel’s location – the local bar beach Off Ahmadu Bello, room size, room service and wicked-cool décor make it an exceptional choice for a night on the town or a week spent finishing your vacation. Open since over a year now, the 60rooms, 5-suite at The Avenue Suites are elegant, stylish, spacious and comfortable with windows open onto either the Atlantic Ocean or the famous Kuramo Waters or the Victoria Island district.  All the rooms and suites have queen or twin beds and some rooms offer a connecting room.  It conjures a sense of harmonious conflict with contemporary décor and retro touches (vintage chandeliers and '70s raw wood furniture). The hotel encourages the contrasts: rooms feature mini-bars and coffee/tea makers. Even the mini-bar menu is divided into sections to create a modern feel plus an aged vibe. The Managers have given The Avenue Suites a signature mix of nightlife and hospitality. At night, the place throbs with couples sharing dinner at the elegant Level Seven while the ground-floor restaurant and bar is filled with guests who sit casually watching TV or chatting up with friends or family. During the day, guests can sit in a pleasant corner opposite the reception where there’s a lounge and a mini-library where there are varieties of coffee table books. The Avenue Suites caters for guests with a certain lifestyle; from a lifestyle that renders the finer things in life, one that looks for high-tech in all things, or one that seeks balance for service, comfort and luxury. Associated with the ultimate designer décor, high-quality amenities, excellent personalized service and superior attention to detail, The Avenue Suites has recently being considered Nigeria’s most unique hotel with the lifestyle and lifetime service desired by anyone...
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                                                                          The Reception

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