Thursday, October 11, 2012

Review: Fifty Shades of Grey

First I should say, Fifty shades of grey is a lovely book- it's reach, fun to read such that you'll actually want to finish reading at one go except you are me that has tons of other things that are on close deadlines- then you can get back after the to-do list is cleared.

I'm not quite the type that picks up just any book to read except my favourite fashion magazines ofcourse- Vogue, Tatler, Elle. So basically when I heard about the novel, 50 Fifty Shaded of Grey I didn't see any reason to getting a copy not until the reviews started.  From bloggers, book critics, newspapers, imdb and numerous other nay Sayers shared their own view- pointless ridiculous and surprisingly thrilling ones I though it'd not be a bad idea to give it a try.

So I did, I got myself a copy and like my usual style I flipped through the first pages then skipped to read a page in the middle (where i spent more time than i expected), finally few pages to the end where I felt I already started and finished the book already.

Splendid! I said to myself. I got a soft copy to make it easier to read considering I love reading in transit especially on my phone.

The beauty of the writing is mature not in an awkward way but in a silly sweet and exciting way. I especially liked the way each scene was carefully narrated but definitely not in a boring way; I also loved how each character was portrayed distinctively - no over the top characterization as often done. Such a beautiful read that keeps the reader all the way through.

Though in few pages - 356, it somehow felt like a thousand pages because it felt like a long interesting story that though read quickly but in the most engaging manner- that I love!

I have the other copies - Fifty Shades Darker & Fifty Shades Freed by the same author, EL James and  I'm hoping to be free anytime soon to read them too.

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