Monday, September 24, 2012

Gathering Strength for Weeks Ahead

“I need utmost strength for the weeks ahead”
“I need strength for weeks to come.”
“I need strength and courage for the next coming weeks.”
Perhaps till the end of this year.

These are words I’ve been muttering to myself for over five days now. I’ve always acknowledged September as the ‘crazy’ month – the month of activities, events, shows, career upgrade, etc but suddenly it’s beginning to seem like it’s more than that, well especially since I have more on my plate. My to-do-list has increased times threes of what it used to be but I took time out to sort the highs and lows of it all.

Considering it’s September – the fashion January wherein comes all sorts of fashion events, shows, parties and awards I have recently learnt to carefully take care of me which in the past has failed me even on important days as the last day of ARISE Fashion Show 2012, leaving all whining and sipping coffee alone at home while my colleagues partied – well, maybe worked through the night.

Below I have highlighted few things that will keep any hard working fashion girl in Lagos active and alive through the coming months that will include a lot of show, event and party hopping. I got it all covered, from the Elite Model Look Nigeria, MTN Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2012 which will run for four days, to FAB Awards, fashion designer parties here and there and lots more;

-         Water; drink lots of water. Of course it cannot be over emphasized. Water keeps you refreshed and going, stay away from those overly sweet drinks for a while
-         Rest; at least get four hours of sleep. A nap goes a long way you know right?
-         Flats/Heels; it’s okay to look and feel stylish but hey the pains on the feet, toes are not that pleasant and it’s a long way to December.
-         Less Carbs; yes carbs! Carbs make you weak, slowing down the metabolism thereby reducing the required strength needed.
-         Shower; get cold/warm/hot water on that skin!
-         Discover; there are few things as fun as discovering new things. Discover new places, people and products, you’d be happy you did.
-         Multivitamin; a pop of vitamin, revitalizes you and there you go!
-         Friends; have fun with friends. It could be quite boring attending a function alone, grab a friend or family along for fun.
-         Mint; keep your breath fresh and the right endorphins in your brain – get some mint.

There are lots more but these few will keep both body and mind sound…

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