Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Tale of Soignee

There's a very long list of things that really thrill me about this collection- first is the styling of each piece, which btw, stands out from the other. Then is the accessory- simple, dazzling and immaculately astonishing. It will however be tautology for me to say again how much I admire Diane Von Furstenburg. She's one woman I've been studying for a while now- from her early days in the fashion industry, her entrepreneurial adventures to her personal and maternal life, she's an amazing personality. And so are her designs. Like I always say, they're simply me; easy, sexy and sophisticated, and nothing best describe a beautiful woman than these qualities. DVF brand represents all these perfectly. The DVF Resort 2012/13 collection is amazing- again.
Okay, so what exactly is? The cuts: I'm very particular about cuts; how smooth are they? What do they(cuts) speak- easy, tribal, edgy or just mundane? Cuts always say something and in these collection they are mature, endearing and very classy...just what every woman and man wants. The colours: the choice of colour and fabric for the collection is impressive- pastel, persimmon and more. They are colours that'll work with any skin tone any day- lovely. The styling: I mentioned this before but again the styling is great! It's a fact that styling of any collection gets very appreciated when the styling is great...and that's just what this styling is - Great! The hair is calm and chic. The shoes are perfect with the clothes. The Models: they are the hangers, so if they are not right , they are not right. Models here are just perfect. So, there it is! DVF resort collection is simply fabulous and I love everything fabulous.

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