Monday, May 21, 2012

Versailles Rhapsody

There are numerous things that impress me about Chanel and of course the great designer Karl Lagerfeld, first is how incredibly they transform a mere space into a dream. I mean…who does that? Often, I wonder what it’s actually like to get into a Chanel show because frankly I can spend every day attending one – well, after doing all officially required work. Focusing on the present, the recently unveiled 2012/13 Resort collection showcased at Versailles, France is still giving me goosebumps and I cannot –yet – pinpoint what exactly is giving me the spark or making me go wow! Wow! Wow! at each piece.
I’m watching the show right now and I can say particularly that for each piece there’s a story – a definite one at that. However few things come out fabulous like the shiny, double/ triple soled espadrille-looking creepers AND the-girl-in-the-dragon-tattoo- style hair cut ) all these combine everything perfectly thereby giving them that charming look of class. You know the class that says “Yes, I am a lady, a beautiful woman with class and while I like to look sexily attractive I also want to be very comfortable and stylish”. Pieces from the collection include; jackets which are a constant Chanel item, skirts, cute doll dresses, wrap gowns, overly big pants(what they call them again?), sweaters, circle skirts, leather pants, coats etc all made from a wide range of materials; wool, tweed, linen, satin, lace embroidery, and lots of other accessories. The styling as usual is simple perfection with essential details like pearls, studs, silver statement neckpieces, belts, bracelets, chain bags and clutches, brooches and neck chokers which sealed each look to perfection. Oh how I love! From swim suits, lovely evening and tea dresses to casual hang-out-with-the-friends and errand day looks this collection is nothing short of amazing. For me, I say this collection is A-amazing. I’ve always known that there are three things that sets an event on a top scale; the Venue which is best defined by an unusual d├ęcor, the Guests in attendance and the DJ! Yes, I had to scream that, the wrong DJ will definitely ruin a perfectly planned show or event. Well, Chanel and Karl never disappoint with all that – always on point! The whole idea at the show I guess is to give guests that old Parisian feel say a modern Maria Antoinette of class which is gradually returning into the industry and personal wardrobes; and when Chanel does it everybody accepts it.
It doesn’t come as a surprise anymore as Karl has remained one of the most respected and innovative creative personality in the fashion industry worldwide, people look up to him and I say he is my fashion animal. Well then, to a lovely new Chanel collection and more to come I say … Love, Kisses and Chanel!

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