Friday, April 6, 2012

Musings: Yesterday On Third Mainland Bridge

Had quite an inspiring moment on 3rd mainland bridge, Lagos yesterday; while heading for a meeting at Radisson Blu we had a flat tyre right in the middle of the bridge and while the driver sorted the issue I took time to survey the bridge – over and above – and I must say I was amused. From the busy activities on the Lagoon – walking men on the water doing their daily business - to policemen who kept asking interestingly annoying questions and my fear of the ‘shaking bridge’ even more confirmed by loose ends I detected on the bridge. I was definitely in a state of wonder of the problems in this country. I spent time pondering on some personal issues, work plans, global issues and thereafter took some pictures…. I guess these pictures say more than I can explain, especially for me as an individual and Nigeria as a country.

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Daisy said...

Just found your blog and I'm bookmarking it :) Is there a schedule of events for the expo? I would definitely like to attend.

I recently came across a beautiful picture of third mainland here:

great photography, if only! I wonder if it's still the longest bridge in Africa...