Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Heidi Klum Poses Naked for Allure May 2012

Heidi Klum totally posed naked in Allure's May 2012 issue. And, yes she looks great!
38-year-old Klum stripped down for photographer Norman Jean Roy, wearing nothing but a Hervé Van der Straeten bracelet on her right wrist. Not that she's got anything to hide. Heidi tells Allure that she came to terms with her body a long time ago: "I was too curvy and too busty and a little too short... And I was a little bit self-conscious about it. But I was by no means heavy, I just -- well, you have hips and boobs, and that's it. Haute couture, you don't really see girls with big boobs."

Before Klum's years as one of Victoria's Secret's best-known models, she says, "I never did fashion shows—not in Paris or Berlin or even in New York City. I tried, but no one would book me." That includes her Project Runway cohost, Michael Kors, who, as she recalls it, saw her in his clothes when she was 20 and said, "Thanks, but no thanks." Here, Klum poses in a lycra-and-leather swimsuit by Lenny.

Heidi looks beautiful!

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