Thursday, April 19, 2012

Goshen: Enhancing Workforce Productivity and Saving Money for Nigerians through Innovative Safety Solutions

L- Michael Emslie, Vice President of Walls Industries;R- GMD of Goshen Services Group, NA, (Sir (Nze) Franklin C. Ojukwu (Sr.) at the official launch of Goshen Intergrates Supplies Limited

Safety in the workplace is a concept that can never be over-emphasized.
The concept may have seemed elusive in the past, but with breakthrough
innovations, world-class technology, and expert solutions from a global
giant in the safety industry, the idea of having a safe work environment
is now feasible and within reach for the Nigerian employer of labor.

Experts have established a link between productivity in the workplace and
the safety measures put in place to protect the workers. It is a
well-established fact that accidents impede productivity, however,
accidents that lead to fatality can often cripple a business fiscal status
– experts believe that lasting productivity improvement requires making a
transition from a “fix it” mentality to a more responsive “solve by
preventing it” attitude.

If productivity is the primary goal of any manufacturer, it means that
safety should take precedence as a core value that helps guide a company’s
internal operation process and conduct. Can safety and productivity work
in tandem to keep workers safe and increase output and efficiencies? The
answer is emphatically yes. Companies that care about meeting bottom-line,
increasing market-value, recording more profit, while flaunting a happy,
healthy workforce must first avail themselves with an up-to-date safety
solutions – which is where a global brand like Goshen Integrated Supplies
Limited, A Goshen Services Group Company comes in.

According to the Group Managing Director of Goshen Services Group, NA,
(Sir (Nze) Franklin C. Ojukwu (Sr.) “In the safety industry, products are
manufactured based on region of use and climatic conditions for effective
value of use but these are facts that are known to few buying agents,
retailers/stockiest, employees and or end users as well as some supply
companies. Part of our initiative and strategy is to ensure you get the
right type of product for your particular type of work environment. All
our service and product offerings are tailor made solutions for each
client and it is our responsibility to guide our patrons on the growing
changes and need developed or invented in the industry…” when asked if his
company has spearheaded any breakthroughs in this regard, he adds:
“Operatively yes, because we stock a regional compliant product that is
patented for the tropical region only.”

He further reiterated Goshen’s commitment to providing Nigerian businesses
with a clear understanding for every employer of labor, stating that
organizations need a committed focus on workplace safety bearing in mind
that employee safety is not limited but cut across all strata of service
engagement to encourage higher employee retention and competence as well
as improved satisfaction on the job for the employee, which ultimately
leads to improved workforce productivity and increased revenue.

For Goshen, it’s about quality, innovation, saving lives, and increasing
productivity in the appropriate sectors of the economy by adhering to the
highest possible standards of world-class safety protocols, and extending
that same brand philosophy to their clients and patrons, hence the aptly
tagged motto “working for you”. In many ways than one, the company
represents superior quality, as explained by the Group Managing Director,
“For example, our brand of coveralls cut across all demographics and
Goshen Integrated Supplies Limited, is the only company in West and
Central Africa that is licensed and authorized to import and market these
brands of Walls/FR Coveralls”, Other product portfolios of Goshen
Integrated Supplies Limited include, Respiratory and Hearing protection
devices manufactured by a global brand manufacturer - Moldex Industries;
products from Lakeland Industries, Inc, recognized as a manufacturers
manufacture for various types of disposable coveralls and nitrile hand
gloves are also part of GISL product offerings in the West and Central
African region.

Rather than relish in the exclusivity of their brand portfolio, Goshen
intends to drive its business by making a strong humanitarian appeal, as
captured in the Group Managing Director’s words:

“As we all know, some companies are importing substandard products into
the country and labeling them as Walls or Walls/FR Industries products
just to make a buck at the detriment of their employer, our doors are open
to make sure these suppliers retain the integrity of our brand, their
company and safety of their employers employee. We ask that they only give
appropriate products to these employers as the long term effect could be
catastrophic. The potential hazard employees are exposed to with the use
of substandard products can’t be over emphasized because we are here to
work with everyone. We are here to help them meet the needs of these
innocent employers whose intent are tilted to empowering their vendors by
providing the suppliers with adequate safety product”

“We are interested in making sure Nigerians have the best compliant
garment in addition to saving money for their operations”

With a growing presence in Nigeria, Ghana, Congo, Ivory Coast and Senegal,
Goshen Services Group’s commitment to bringing home the very best from
across Europe and North America may well make them the de-facto one stop
shop for all industrial safety gears that are effectively comparative to
those of the developed world.

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