Friday, March 16, 2012

Shoe Stalking! Best Runway Shoes at AMFW 2012

I’m usually disappointed during fashion shows/weeks in Nigeria basically because as much as the organizers try to create an ‘international’ standard event and runway they still lose that complete A-grand attitude to the entire package. They don’t endeavour to at least get a 50 for the entire package.

For example, the recently held AMFW 2012 was a great medium(again) to showcase African fashion but some bits were still missing – the hair for each show didn’t define the individual collection of each designer, the shoes were almost same all through the event and most of all, the runway didn’t show any extra effort – at all! Same runway look all through a 6-day event is a NO!

However, I had fun still. Mingled with old friends and met new ones, saw new, weird and quite sublime styles, even on the runway – like the belt for choker mentioned in my previous post – and more. Few of my favourite shows didn’t just showcase the best collection (for me ofcourse) they also had amazing shoes, shoes I couldn’t stop snapping.

Here’s a list of the shoes I loved on the runway; Taibo Bacar, Mai Atafo, David David and Bridget Awosika who revealed her new collection which is quite mature, sexy and oh-so-sophisticated!

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