Monday, March 26, 2012

Rambling II: This is how I see it

This is how I see it; you have no clear definition of what you want or are, all you really need is any medium that helps you to spotlight and fame. But hey, all that will die off.

And all that’ll be left is the ‘real you’, the you you’ve never spent time developing rather spent most of your time pleasing that ‘boss’ who you assume smart enough to be where he is… But frankly, how do you intend to make good success? Yes! Good success, why not know who you are, list your choices and pick that which you have the utmost love for.
Dear friend, then you’ll see a succeeding you.
Keep a note to yourself however to remind you, you are smart, kind and intelligent enough to grow wisely of your own challenges and mistakes and also come through successful and relevant in the society.

Don’t back stab, don’t steal that which belongs to another and surely do not speak despicable of another to make you sound/look nice...Don’t!

Always keep your head, shoulders and standards high, wish for the best. Keep your thoughts on your desires and hope, look out for the best and rejoice in today. There’re just so many days to live through and hey, you need absolute strength – inward and outward strength. So, ensure to always, always see the best, choose the best for you, never stop believing in you and respect your instinct, it’s always 85% right with decision. Most of all; Do All Things with Love.

Love, kisses & Chanel

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