Monday, January 2, 2012

The Best Tea Service at Four Points

For some time now, I’ve been on a mission to find the best tea place in Lagos; I’ve tried them all – Robert’s Café, Café Royale, Frenchies, Piccolo Mondo even the street vendor - you know, the local Nescafe guy shuffling the streets of Lagos.
Oh yes, you cannot understand I’ve been a regular of such guys especially on nights I really desired to rock the night but wasn’t feeling the spike so I just tune to a cup of coffee …and yeah let the night begin!

Finally, my search has come to an end and yes I am ready to share it, i have had morning, afternoon even night tea at numerous places that I cannot dare to share here – few friends can attest. My love for coffee is quite interesting as well embarrassing to explain, I’ve actually spent more money on coffee than on real meals. My love for coffee can only be likened to another – my love of shoes. But again, life’s short, life’s tall and there’s just so much pleasure in the simple things that give so much satisfaction. Afterall, life’s simple pleasures aren’t cheap.

Our afternoon meeting at Four Points Hotel started out great and their tea service was just fantastic enough to pass my test of ‘The best coffee place’. The price is barely about N500 cheaper than other top restaurant prices. Their atrium-esque lobby bar/restaurant is comfortable and leisurely I enjoyed their sandwiches carefully noticing every minced piece in it.
Faith and I both agreed it was just okay, cool ambience, fine interior décor, quality service nothing terrible.

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